Monday, 25 January 2010

Stevo the hero

Just found this hahahahaha

Weekend building work

Now the downstairs toilet and bathroom have been ripped out that room became one big room with a couple of walls where the toilet was. Reza and Stevo decided to knock them down themselves. I think at one point they did get crushed!! I was called to help so it must have been dangerous ....

Reza's uncle came round on Sat to block up the door to the kitchen and tidy up the wall where the new door to the office is going to be. It looks good, not really weird to not have a door there as I don't think we're ever used it!

Next steps are getting the walls rendered and plastered. Also need a door frame/door and move the water main as it comes up in the middle of the room (almost). Looking forward to moving in but a little way off yet.....

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Towel rail

Finished Bathroom and Snow

Bit of a random post but realised I hadn't put any finished pictures of the bathroom up so took some this morning.

All there is to finish now is put a blind up, probably a shower screen and to box in the soil stack once the council have been to inspect.

Here it is (practically ...) finished!

Also - some snow pics as it's snowing today. Unfortunately I can't really take any of the front of the house as it's full of junk (which is actually probably covered up with the snow by now!)

Sunday, 3 January 2010

2010 is here!

Wow, haven't updated this for ages. Lots has happened ... mainly all yesterday!

Had a lovely Xmas - not much rennovation work and lots of red wine :) Although I think we more than made up for it this week when we decided to re-do the kitchen. We'd managed to get a new but temporary kitchen for £100 so thought it was a good opportunity to get it smartened up.

I spend most of the week painting the entire thing from a horrible yellow colour to white. It did look a tad bright! We had the new cooker installed (freebie!) on Thurs and set to work on Sat morning. By this evening it's now finished and looking fab!! I think we may paint it again so the entire thing isn't white and replace the tiles but it's looking a million times better.

From this:

A bit of work:

It now looks like this:

I love it!!

Also the boys had a bit of a manic moment and decided to rip out the old bathroom yesterday evening and knock all the walls down. Wow .... lots of mess.