Monday, 8 February 2010

List to complete .....

*Excuse quality of all pics .... Reza broke our proper camera so using my phone*

Last week I made myself a list of all the jobs that needed completing in the rooms we've already worked on (bathroom etc) and the plan is to finish all of these before doing ANYTHING else! It was also save up some money :)

This weekend I was determined to make a start and get at least 2 things done. It worked quite well!

Fit blind in the bathroom - DONE
Varnish bathroom door - DONE
Go to dump - DONE
Clean out BBQ - DONE
Make log store - DONE

The bathroom blind looks really good (thanks Dad!) and now people can't see us in the shower! phew ....

We had about 10 palettes in our back garden so I thought it would be a good idea to make a log store (plus we were running out of dry wood). Reza and Matt got to work yesterday afternoon and came up with this which I'm really pleased with. Plus we've now got lots of chopped up wood to use on the fire.

Reza and I talked about the next big plan which I think will now be getting a big shed up in the garden, moving all the tools etc into that and then working on my office (where the tools currently are). There's no rush and as above we've still go lots to do everywhere else.

Oh, we had a BBQ on Sat. That was fun :) lol