Sunday, 22 November 2009

Operation 'Move the Loo' .... Complete :)

oooooh lots of new this weekend :)

It was the weekend we moved the toilet (well, soil stack) from the downstairs toilet to the new one upstairs. Chemical loo ready while the toilet was out of action and we were ready to go :)

We removed the old toilet (Yipeee it was yuck) and had to dig down to find the sewage pipe. I don't really know the details but Reza and Pete said it was a lot less stress than they thought. The pipe wasn't far down (we suspect as it wasn't the original one) and wasn't encased in concrete. Result!

Within a few hours they'd put in the new soil stack then in another few hours we had a working toilet upstairs. Who hoooo!

We've almost finished fitting the bath now so I think by mid-week I will be able to have a relax in my new bath aaaaaah :)

Oh ... only thing, there's no door on the bathroom yet!!

Other good news is that the double glazing woman came round this weekend. We knew the deal this time where they give you one price then a much better one if you can get them done asap etc etc. We knew this so didn't book her to come until we were ready and thought it might be cheaper over Xmas :) We were right! We're really pleased with the quote and are going to have french doors in the lounge instead of a window, a new back door, kitchen window, the two bedroom windows and a new posh front door. Even better, they're installing in two weeks time YEY I'm really happy :)

Lots happening before Xmas now, bathroom, windows, fireplace. woop woop

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