Wednesday, 9 December 2009

We have fire!!

Returned from holiday in the hope that our lovely peice of slate would be delivered for the hearth and everything ready to go for the stove installation today. No such luck!

Arrived back and the hearth still hadn't been delivered AAARGH. A few hours later it finally turned up (2 days late) and we took it home ready to lay only to find .... the inside bit was too big!!! Miles too big, it obviously wasn't checked at all.

We called the fireplace guy who advised us if he didn't install today it would be after Jan. grrrrrr Our only option was to cut the slate ourselves. Reza did an ace job and in the end it wasn't too much of a problem but it wasn't what we needed the evening we got back from our relaxing holiday!

Stove has now been installed as is burning away as I type. I have managed to set the smoke alarms off a few times ... whooops. I was told it will smoke for a bit until all the paint fumes etc burn off. Here's the pics. We do everything backwards and the whole room is totally un-decorated so there's lots more to come.

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