Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Gem & Reza - now living at Seaton Road EEEEK

Wow, lots to tell!!

Rez and I moved in on Monday and both took the week off to get things sorted and make a good start on the bathroom.

It's been such lovely weather!!

Here's progress since last time:

We finished the bedroom. YEY I am so pleased. It's our one 'nice' room - hence moving the telly to it!! The room feels lovely and just a bit more sorting (of Gem's makeup hehe!) and then we're there. I even managed to give Rez half the wardrobe for his clothes ;)

Here's pics ... taken in poor light as Reza has the power off ... doh! Reza's idea to have the 'feature' wall ... although I wasn't so keen I really love it now. Esp with the clock :) Nice one Rez!

Just a reminder of how it started ... (and Dad starting to decorate)

In the meantime Stevo & Laura started to paper Stevo's room. Several hours later ... all done!!! excellent job ... even with a slight hangover?!

Reza bought me a present (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww) yeh ... it's a washing line. Fab :/ lol The old one snapped in the ground so had to dig the old one out. In true council style we found they'd cemented it in rather well ....

Yes that is FOUR of us trying to pull it out. Laura found a penny (half penny?!) from 1928! :) How cool!!

Other garden stuff - our veg is growing well! We now have courgette, tomatoe, lettuce, chilli, bean, mint and chive plants. Not long until we're eating them. Yummy!! Flowers look good too :)

Reza has now started on the bathroom. After covering me in PVA grrr he and Steven started putting up the waterproof plasterboard. It's all finished now and looks coooooool. Next job is to lay the shower in and apply to council for the planning for soil pipe etc.

That's about it for this week. Although we're so busy it feels a lot more relaxed actually living here, not going backwards and forwards to the flat. I'm enjoying the week off. Even the gibs are relaxed :)

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