Thursday, 13 August 2009

Not much progress

It's been over a month since my last post but not much seems to have happened. Mainly because Reza and I have been busy doing other bits and having been away a few weekends.

The bathroom seems to be a big hurdle at the moment is feels like it's taking forever. When your doing everything yourself this is bound to be the way. Reza is doing a great job although when it's 10pm at night and there is a bathroom ceiling on the floor I do have my doubts :p (he knows I am joking xxxxx)

Steve moved in on 1st August - his room looks great (better than ours grrrrr!) He is the only room to have carpet and I am quite jealous. Apologies for poor pics - my camera has broken :(

The kitchen looks pretty much the same. We managed to get an oven which looks like it came out of the war but it does the job. It cooks a stir fry in 5 mins flat!! Put some temporary work surface in so at least there's somewhere for me to cook.

The garden is growing nicely and we've had some yummy courgettes, beans and cherry tomatoes from it. We also have giant marigolds!! I think I possibly planted them a little close together.

The bathroom. This seems to be the slowest room in the house - there's such a lot to do. The walls have all been plasterboarded as per last blog. The shower tray is now fitted and the floor put down. Recent developments are that the ceiling below has been taken out so that it's easier to get the plumbing. We need to run a new soil stack upstairs but want to try and hide this in the wall somehow so it's not showing outside.

Yes that is a toilet in our bedroom AAAAARGH

We did buy some funky taps!!

These were half price at B&Q (still £129 aaaargh) but made them the same price as most other bathroom taps. I thought they would look too chunky with out stuff but they looks pretty cool :) The wate runs out like a waterfall.

Japanese Knotweed. We discovered that growing in our neighbours front garden there was some knotweed. Apparently this is quite distructive and it's against the law for you to chop it down and dispose of it in the normal garden rubbish. You have to burn it. I phoned the council as neighbour is council tenant. After several phone calls they wrote her a letter to say spray some Roundup on it. I started to get quite worried about it as it takes about 15 years to get rid of using this method and about £3k to have someone come and inject it. The main problem is that it is so vicious it digs up foundations and would prevent us from getting a new drive.
Our neighbours daughter decided to chop it down (maybe she was fed up of me going on about it!!) not really knowing how bad it was so I've sprayed some roundup on it to see if that helps. All we can do it keep our fingers crossed.

You can see it fully grown on the left in the corner of this pic (ignore my friend washing her car!!) Then it now chopped down and looking like it's dead - but it's not :( You can see how much it's spread in the pics. All we can do is hope we can get rid of it.

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