Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Bathroom - Tanking & Underfloor Heating (Step 1)

Finally we're making good progress on the bathroom! :)

Reza and Pete fixed the shower tray in place:

Then the insulation boards for the UFH went down:

Reza has now started to prep for the tanking to be completed this week:

Other exciting news is that we had a lovely moving in BBQ :) Yes, I know we've been in since May but we haven't had everyone round all at once. We cleared the front room to set up Guitar Hero and will did a yummy BBQ. Shame the weather was a bit rubbish but everyone had a fab time :) I'm not sure ever in the history of Seaton Road has one household filled up their can and bottle bins so much!!

Had another clear up this weekend and finally got rid of every single bit of rubbish in the front garden!! To most ppl this picture still make it looks awful but it's a massive improvement. I've been trying to get rid of the trolley for weeks now grrrrr

At last we've now got 2 sofas in our lounge woop woop! :) That was the most exciting thing about my weekend. Now a whole 4 ppl can sit down in our house without the use of deckchairs.


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