Monday, 19 October 2009

Almost finished ...... :)

Not too much to update but we've (mainly Dad) been working non stop on the bathroom tiling for 6 weeks now. We almost finished this weekend but the bit round the window has lots of cuts and is pretty tricky. We also need just a few more tiles to finish. Hopefully a finish this weekend then another weekend (maybe more) of grouting. Not sure how long all the plumbing is going to take but I think we'll aim for Christmas now.

A reminder of how the room looked when we first viewed the house ....... wow!

Other good news is we have heating upstairs who hooooooo!! It was all plumbed in a while ago but we hadn't got round to draining the radiators etc so I gave Reza an ultamatum he HAD to get it sorted this weekend. He did :)

We're really stuck what to do downstairs as we were going to wait for the bathroom to be done then knock the old one down and create my office. All hopefully before it got cold but it's cold now and it's not done. Debating installing a stove in the lounge as we were going to get one anyway and then we could work on the heating when the time came. We can't make any decisions until the bathroom is finished. It would be nice for Xmas though :)

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