Monday, 5 October 2009

More tiling and Stevo's bedroom

Autumn is almost here now and thinking back it seems like we've been pretty lucky with the weather this summer. We couldn't of moved in in a better month (May) as we've practically had the whole summer and still have good weather to get things done. Makes a big difference as we can't spend much time in the house with everything going on.

I finally took all the flowers out this weekend and now the garden looks pretty bare :( There's a few tomatoes left but nothing else booooooooo! Got great plans for the garden next year so looking forward to that. In the meantime, I need to plant the bulbs I bought in the next couple of weeks.

The tiling is coming along really well. Thank god the walls are so much quicker than the floor. Dad is speeding through!! There's a few tricky bits around the shower etc but overall it's going well. Here's the latest pics:

Reza worked really hard and put up the lights we bought. It took a little persuading on Reza's part that we needed 5 x £32 lights AAARGH. They do look nice though :)

Finally, Stevo went shopping to get a few bits to finish his room off. Makes such a difference having the TV on the wall :)

I also tidied the lounge ..... but it looks exactly the same, only I know it's cleaner :)

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