Monday, 15 June 2009

Floorboards are down!!

Reza promised me that this weekend we could put the floorboards down so I could get to work on the bedroom. Super excited me!!!

We finised off the cabling to both bedrooms, lounge and loft and had to pull out the old copper tank. Who hooo that's gone now too. It's so weird to walk upstairs and not have to hop over joists. I still go to look down everytime I go up there!

Saturday night was BBQ time! I bought Rez this BBQ for his birthday back in May but being a bit tricky to move we haven't got round to actually putting it in the garden. Four strong men later it arrives!

Blowtorch + Reza + wood = oh ohhhhh

Not quite sure what happened after all of that but the morning looked something like this:

Back to business .... we now have 2 weeks until move in which is going to be super stressful. We've decided there's no way the bathroom will be done so having to plumb in the one downstairs for the foreseable future. Mum's in charge of cleaning again!

I'm planning to have our bedroom finished (minus new carpet) by the end of this weekend. That means I can start moving my stuff from the flat across to the house.

The lounge .... well, no comment here but sometime between now and then we have to pop my home office/desk into it and remove the bath?!

eeeek!!! Time to draw up a plan.

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