Monday, 1 June 2009

Weekend update

Wow, as usual a busy weekend! I'm not sure I can remember everything we've done .....

The house seems to be getting messier but we have some good progress :) Reza and Pete re-ran the pipes which didn't take as long as expected. As a bonus they chipped off the outside render which seems to be causing the damp and fitted some new air bricks.


I decided that the window fitters may refuse to fit our windows with that much ivy growing up the walls so started pulling it off the walls. Possibly easier than it looks .....

Half way?! Going to have to do some more on that.

Now for the best job of the week!!! Gem & Laura's plaster chipping off afternoon :) We weren't entirely sure of the reason but gave it out best effort with a few injuries along the way.

and the winner goes to ......Laura!!

The boys decided we needed more protection from the dust. Very H&S of you guys ;) go me ...


Overall a good weekend. Radiators all in upstairs (minus bathroom towel rail), bathroom ready for plasterboard and Stevo's working on the front door so it looks sparkly new for our new windows.

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