Tuesday, 9 June 2009

My birthday weekend .. we have progress!

Wow, lots to report from last time. We have new windows!! YEY Really pleased with them but still hate that horrible ivy which covers our walls. My plan is to pressure wash it off (the little feet things the ivy leaves) and then paint but we'll see how that goes. Also the rendering needs painting so actually they could look alot better!

Next ..... boiler installation! The guys worked really hard and 7 hours later we had hot water in the kitchen and heating upstairs (aaaaaaah lovely). Reza was really chuffed as he'd worked so hard on this, yey well done :) Not sure I've ever seen so many pipes?! We now have a boiler fit to heat a 4-5 bedroom house :)

I am now allowed the kitchen back and it's almost a tool free zone!

We also had a big clearout of all the rubbish and old carpets which makes a huge difference.

Count down to move in ........ 3 weeks AARGH. We decided it's pretty unlikely the bathroom will be ready so we may have to resort to plan b to temporarily plumb in the bathroom downstairs. At least it's a backup.

Back to the now and I'm determined to decorate the bedroom before we move in. Reza is installing TV/Sat, Telephone and Cat5 cabling in each room so we needed to run that from downstairs. We also put in some new plug sockets in both the bedrooms.

I had a fab birthday :) Everyone came over and we had tea and cake in the garden (aww how nice). Although we probably did the least amount of work this weekend it really feels like we're getting somewhere. I'm happy :)

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