Friday, 29 May 2009

The kitchen's a bit messy darling .....

Half asleep this morning I heard Rez mention the kitchen was a bit messy after he'd been there last night. No probs I thought, a few beer cans and he mentioned something about sweeping up .... excellent!

Arrived to find this!

Just as a reminder, it looked like this previously ...

Personally I think the yellow bricks are an improvement. We just have a little less surface area now.

The boiler is being installed on that wall next weekend so Reza is running pipes and electric down.

What I couldn't believe is the amount of room we've gained taking that plasterboard off! The whole kitchen is plasterboarded up (possible to hide the yellow bricks?!). I think the plan is to take it off every wall and possibly put it back on the boiler one so it sits flush with the wall. I'm looking forward to it! :)

Ew, I also can't wait to take up the skanky floor in the kitchen. I'd rather have concrete! Still amazes me how people lived like this before we came along.

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