Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Bathroom shopping is stressful!

Monday 18th

After months of research you would imagine I had picked out the exact bathroom suite and would be ready to go ..... not the case :(

We had to change our (my?!) plans of having the bath facing you as you walk in to moving it under the window as not much else could go there.

It looked like B&Q was the place to buy as we couldn't turn down the half price sale plus another 10% off in may. Unfortunately our local B&Q had the worst bathroom display ever. I started to get stressed!

Mum to the rescue! We went over to a bigger B&Q in the evening and I finally placed an order for a bath and sink. The toilet is a longer story and still not ordered ZZzzzzz

I still can't believe the B&Q man made me lie in the bath to check it was comfy .....hmmmmmmmm

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