Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Dodgy double glazing?!

As we are moving the bathroom upstairs we need to at least get new windows for there.

I asked the local double glazing firm to come out and give us a quote. Bruce!! came out and gave us some suggestions for what type of windows we could have. Prior to this I hadn't even considered you could get different types hmmmmmm

A slight hitch to the plan when I invited round a national company to also give us a quote. I assumed they would do a quick measure up and come back to us as Bruce was going to do. No chance!!

1.5 hours later I had missed the gym and we were still debating windows and prices. Typical sales woman ... we took her (lowest) offer there and then or walked away with a higher one valid for 6 months.

I hate rushing into things but in fairness the quote was good and the windows were of a good quality (she bought a long a sample!). As a bonus they could be fitted in the first week of June. So deposit down and the front of the house is going to have new windows sooner than we thought ... eeek!

I then woke up at 3am worrying that I had ordered the wrong ones and bad things were going to happen if this was a dodgy company!

2 days later everything seems to be ok. Had the surveyor round today and we have an installation date of 5th June. Fingers crossed!

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