Thursday, 28 May 2009

Pipe Problems

On way my back from Manchester last night to get a phone call from a frustrated Rez saying the boiler man had been to give us the ok on fitting the boiler in a few weeks.

We discovered that the pipework Rez has already laid is all wrong!! aaargh!

I don't know the technical stuff but it needs to take a different route and because of regulations be a much thicker pipe which tapers down to a small one. Gutted ......

All is not lost as the heating pipes were still needed so that was not a complete waste of time but we do now need to purchase these thicker pipes and start again.

Reza has shipped in help for this weekend and we plan to have the boiler installed the weekend after (my birthday!)

I suggested we board up the bathroom and the rest of us can get started on taking the plaster off the walls in there so tiling can begin asap.

A busy weekend! (nothing new then?!)

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