Tuesday, 26 May 2009

It starts .....

Week 1

Rather late in posting this but imagine it's 15th May 2009. Reza and I got the keys to Seaton Road. After all the waiting it was such a relief to finally get in there.

Opened the door and the first thing we said (after 'It still stinks!') was 'Ooooh it's a bit smaller than I remember it'. We both laughed ...

We then noticed all the junk had mysteriously disappeared (RIP comode chair) .....great! But we were missing the fridge and washing machine grrrrr .....straight onto Freecycle :)

Just so we never forget, here is how it looked when we first walked in:

The next, most important thing was to open all the windows and doors to get that horrible smell out (1 week on it's still there).

Over the weekend it was all hands on deck to do as much cleaning as possible (go Mum!) while Reza got on with temporary hot water and a last minute decision to rip out the back boiler (initially planned for weeks down the line!)

Vital to keeping the workforce happy ....

Deckchairs in the lounge ... so 'first house' Is that hose out of the window?!

Reza assures me this bit of ceiling had to be removed to make future work easier ... hmmmm ... I trust him ;)

Flooring up

Boiler out ... that was a struggle!

Matt had his own unique way of decorating .... handprints ;)

All hands on deck to abolish the terrible woodchip ... to be found everywhere

First weekend over and (I'm sure I'm going to say this so many times)but a big thank you to everyone who helped and came to say hello! Plenty more to do but we've made a great start.

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